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Vision Statement


The Biker Church started as an outreach to bikers and their lifestyle.
GOD IS NOT AGAINST BIKERS, but He is against the sins of an outlaw
lifestyle. Unfortunately, many churches do not reach out to bikers,
because of the bikers appearance. THANKFULLY, GOD LOOKS AT THE HEART –

At the Biker Church, we do not judge by anyone’s looks or dress. Jesus
came not to judge the world, but to save it! The world has already been
judged and condemned, but just before His assention, Jesus commanded His
followers to go out and minister to the lost.  We
believe that commandment applies to us today.

The Biker Church began as a vision from God, a long time ago. We believe
God inspired it and we desire that it continue with Jesus always as the
head. We want to reach out, like Jesus did, to heal the sick and

Did you know that Jesus came and hung out with sinners. He even said He
came to call the sinners, not the religious (Matt. 9:9-13). Jesus
ministered to the needs of sinners, fishermen, tax collectors and others
looked down upon in society.

We want to be Jesus, represent Him, to everyone we meet.God has directed
us to bikers because they seem to have been left out. We have cowboy
churches, traditional churches, contemporary churches – you name it,
almost any type of church you can think of is out there. Nobody should
be left out – no not one! God is no respector of persons; He loves
everybody! So, come join us! Our prayer is that people that don’t ‘fit’ into a
normal church family will find Gods love & a sense of belonging amongst believers
who are willing to accept them regardless of their background or past.

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